Two materials used to store information long ago

Recording history

Rolls are replaced by bound manuscript texts called codices.

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Fun Learning

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Learning about our culture

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Take a good look at these these pictures, this is what some parents and children are doing to the books that are at the library. If we continue to cut out and tear out pages from books in the library then what are going to be left for other patrons to borrow. We need to stop these acts of vandalism against our libraries on books and furnitures. Please start taking care of our books it is there for everyone to share do not be selfish, one day it may be your friend, cousin, aunt, brother, etc who may need that same book that you are destroying.

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Children’s Library

I love teaching and helping children learn but when children are left unattended in the Public Libraries they reck havoc in these libraries. They cut out pages and tear them, they eat and leave snack paper in between shelves. Bags are not allowed in the library, so how are they able to get these food stuff in the Library. Parents need to supervise their children or the Librarian should take action and put them out!

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