Children’s Library

I love teaching and helping children learn but when children are left unattended in the Public Libraries they reck havoc in these libraries. They cut out pages and tear them, they eat and leave snack paper in between shelves. Bags are not allowed in the library, so how are they able to get these food stuff in the Library. Parents need to supervise their children or the Librarian should take action and put them out!

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7 Responses to Children’s Library

  1. jamila4 says:

    Not to mention the games that they think are suitable for the library!

  2. Akea Wiseman says:

    Children sneak in food, that what they do. It happens in all libraries. I would suggest you ban them from the library for awhile, and let there parents know they are not welcome, until they learn some respect.

  3. nadiatrini says:

    Some parents actually go over board with this, they sometimes mistake the library for a daycare.

  4. princeshawny says:

    Parents not only need to supervise their children in the library these parents take it upon themselves to leave the children so that the staff and the librarian would take care of them like its their own and the parents themselves go into the libraries an leave snacks and drinks with them..

  5. This serves for insight into our society. Partents are not supervising theiring childrening and this is leading to havoc.

  6. jamila4 says:

    This is a nice post but you cannot put the children out of the library altogether. Children will be children so they will always be doing things they should not. You cannot deny them the chance for information or to expand their knowledge. It simply requires that you drink lot of energy drinks to keep talking, talking and talking to them. And acquire lots of patience. 🙂

  7. zoi703 says:

    I agree that parents are responsible for their children and should acoompany them. Librarians should not have to over extend themselves in constantly having to discipline and policing children using library facilities, after two warnings they should be asked to leave.

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